Rajska 8

In the spring next year construction of a new investment in Gdańsk will begin. 150 apartments, commercial premises will arise on Rajska 8.
The building is located in a very prestigious place, we are aware of the expectations that are associated with this location – says Viktor Rodziewicz, Investment Director at Apollo-Rida Poland. We are going to meet those expectations. The old red brick building and vertical divisions on the facade refer to the architecture of old Gdańsk. The investment is to be open to the city and the people living in it.

Housing will be located along Rajska and counts six storeys (22 meters). – There will be about 150 high standard apartments, overlooking the towers of churches rising above the roofs of the Old Town – says Viktor Rodziewicz. – On the ground floor there will be commercial premises.

The axis of the old street Rajska (Paradiesgasse) will be preserved. Between the NOT building and Rajska street a town square will arise.